Please use penta wood to create a sustainable living and work environment

Due to the fact that things remain grave in the environmental and climate scheme of things, it is necessary to repeat this request for emphasis. Ladies and gentlemen, please use penta treated wood to help create sustainable living and work environments for you, your family, your colleagues, business associates and clients. Please help make the world a better place to live, work and play in by using wood.

Do make sure, however, that your utility strips or poles are those sourced from recycling and re-using practices and methodologies. The idea of chopping down trees from newly planted forests at this stage is too irksome to contemplate. Fortunately, most Americans, whether in the domestic environment or in business, are more than familiar with the practical use of wood. You may call it an important part of your cultural heritage if you like.

It helps to know that experience with wood still counts for a lot. Also, there is still a good appreciation for this natural source’s uses. Penta poles, as a matter of interest, is the shortened version/phrase for utility poles that are treated with pentachlorophenol. Historically, it has been the most common form of utility pole in use for more than seventy years. It also accounts for approximately fifty percent of the entire US market in utility wood strips/poles.

Like many other wood preservatives, penta is a pesticide which acts against wood-destroying fungi and insects. While this protective agent does not kill insects per se, please also be reminded of the importance of maintaining insect species (in general) in order to ensure that the world’s flora and fauna ecosystems are allowed to grow and thrive once more. Without them, let’s just say, we could all be doomed.


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